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Compost International is intended to educate and inspire the world to feed the soil by returning to it all organic material through the wonderful process known as composting.

Making compost is as easy as piling up weeds, kitchen scraps, yard trimmings, leaves and so on and leaving them to rot quietly, or as complicated as manipulating the ingredients in your pile to make customized composts to suit individual plants.

Advantages of compost:

Improves soil structure increasing aeration
Improves water retention
Neutralizes soil pH
Increases microbial activity
Increases availability of nutrients
Eliminates need for chemical fertilizers
Neutralizes many toxins

Increases plants' resistance to disease
Kills pathogens in the soil
Reduces need for pesticides
Keeps organic matter out of landfills

None that I can think of!

Compost is my thing. 
I've been to Compost School.  I wrote a book.  I give talks and workshops about rotting vegetation.  I had a website, a blog and a Facebook page. But I am trying to simplify my life, so it is all moving here.
I have half a dozen copies of the book left.  The second edition should be available very soon as an ebook, as a hard copy, and maybe even as a downloadable PDF.  I would love you to buy my book in some form, but it is more important, as part of my mission, to spread the information around.  To that end, I have included some chapters of the book here.
My mission is to save the earth one compost heap at a time.  To this end, I give talks and workshops and lectures to anyone who will stay still long enough.

My educational outreach takes different forms:


 I offer three levels -one hour free lectures, a half day workshop , and a 6 hour workshop .
There is a negotiable fee involved with the workshops.

ONSITE TRAINING I will travel (at my expense) to anywhere in the world where there is a need and a desire to improve the soil.  I do not expect payment, but I do expect accommodation. I will stay for up to six weeks, during which time I will evaluate the area, identify resources and train key individuals to make compost using methods appropriate for the area.  (This offer may be on hold for the next couple of years - if I am elected Mayor, I will be staying close to home until the end of 2019, working on city-wide composting).


Please contact me if you know of an area that could benefit from my services. I am very flexible and can work with you to develop a program suitable for your particular needs.

How to Compost
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