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The list below comes from - where else? - the internet and covers the issues that people say are important to them. 
It is far too extensive for any one person to be well informed about, but we all have an opinion about everything.  Collectively, those opinions form our individual world view. 
This is mine.

Far too often, personal views dictate policy. 


It is natural to want your opinion to matter, and it does. It is the beginning of the  convrsation.

Free Speech

As outlined in the Constitution and the UN Declaration of Human Rights, free speech refers to government versus people. Free people have a right to criticize their government; oppressed people lack that right.  But "free speech" in no way grants the right to proselytize, spread misinformation, slander your neighbor or promote hate.


All our ancestors came from somewhere else, even the Native Americans.  When you arrived is unimportant.  While I think that it is important to know who is coming to the US, I also think it is unconscionable to turn away those who are so desperate that they walk thousands of miles to seek asylum (it is also against international law that all countries accept genuine refugees)



Take the words of Malala seriously - You can't eliminate terrorism by killing terrorists.  You have to address the reasons why terrorists want to kill you.  Perhaps treating others as you would like them to treat you is a good place to start.

Social Security and Medicare, including health care reform

It is shocking that the US does not have universal health care.  In the meantime, Social Security and Medicare are the best we have.  We can do better.

The Constitution

Needs serious updating.


A universal curriculum guarantees poor outcomes.  The amount of information that needs to be passed to the next generation is so vast that every child should be learning something different.  Each child should learn according to their interests and abilities.  No more standardized testing.


There are structures in existence that are hundreds if not thousands of years old.  Why can't Americans build something with an expected life-span of more than 50 years?


While I value the importance of communion and congregation, belief in a higher power (yours not theirs) is the most divisive element of modern society - always has been.


NO ONE is in favor of abortion.  No girl says, "When I grow up, I want to have an abortion".  And no child should be unwanted.  With universal health care and unfettered access to contraception, the need for abortions would drop dramatically.

Gun rights

Personally, I would eliminate guns in any form - personal use, police, military.  The idea that it is a "right" to own a gun in the US is a serious misreading of the Second Amendment.  If you really want to own a gun, it has to be registered, licensed and insured, just like a vehicle.


Some sort of meaningful occupation is really important to every thinking human being.  This is an area where my thinking is still evolving.  I only know that working for a boss (enriching him?) is not the best way.  A universal wage has potential.

Racism and prejudice

Bobby Jindal said : Here's an idea: How about just 'Americans?' That has a nice ring to it, if you ask me. Placing undue emphasis on our 'separateness' is a step backward. Bring back the melting pot. Don't label people.

Climate Change

It's happening, it's real and we have to act.

Tax reform

There is something very wrong with unearned income being taxed at a lower rate than hard-earned salaries.  I am in favor of raising the upper tax rates through the roof.


Should not happen, but this is one problem that will only be fixed by fixing a whole slew of other problems.

Elections and campaign Finance

Get rid of the electoral college, remove all restrictions on voting.  Even consider making voting mandatory, as in Australia.  Public financing.  NO OUTSIDE MONEY.

Animal Rights

Cruelty to animals is unacceptable.  Get rid of CAFOs but keep humanely treated animals as an essential part of mixed farming.

Technology (including AI, surveillance, fracking)

I'm a Luddite, what can I say besides bring back people.


Not the ideal, obviously, but necessary to provide a safety net for those who can't make it on their own.

War on Drugs

Locking people up for being addicted to drugs - or even just using them - has been a disastrous policy.  I am in favor of decriminalizing drug USE, and undercutting the drug dealers.

The Military

Why does the US need 800 military bases around the world?  Why does the US need to spend $40 billion more on "Defense" than China, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Russia, the UK and Germany combined?  Just asking.

International policy

Look at - and possibly abide by - the UN Charter which opposes the interference by any nation in the internal affairs  of any other sovereign nation.

Corporate influence

The existence of an organization like ALEC and the Supreme Court ruling granting personhood to corporations is highly suggestive that corporations run the country.  That needs to change.

Policing, prisons, capital punishment, torture

I am opposed to capital punishment in any form as execution reduces the executioners to little better than those they are executing.  Furthermore, there has not been convincing evidence that  capital punishment is a deterrent, and there is always the chance of being wrong.

Torture also makes the torturers no better than those they think they need to torture.  Again, it doesn't work.

There are too many institutions that used to be called "correctional facilities".  It used to be that you made a mistake and you did your time.  Then you got back to living your life.

2020 saw a major focus on police "reform", which will be addressed in greater detail elsewhere.

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