Today I took part in the Turkey Trot in Hornell, NY. There was a fun run for tiny tots followed by a 5k run for the energetic, and a 5k walk for the rest.

My son and his step-daughters ran and got back in a respectable 28 minutes. My daughter-in-law (who had just come off an overnight shift) took my two grandchildren and got back in just over an hour.

I started the walk with them but quickly fell back. I do not exercise at all. Kitchen to the front door to pick up the newspaper is about it. So when I saw a woman on crutches I thought I would walk with her – that would be about my pace! We came in last. (Without her I would have come in last anyway) but our time was 1 hour 8 minutes and some seconds. Pretty damn good if you ask me for a young woman who had been in a car accident, had her leg crushed and pelvis broken, and a 69-year-old who never exercises.

The time was unimportant. We finished. And we had a wonderful experience. Thanks Leah.

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