I am so angry

I am angry at the President. I am angry at Congress. And I am angry at my local newspaper.

I recently sent this letter to the editor to The Leader:

Open letter to Tom Reed, and his fellow Republicans in Congress.

How does one begin to describe the enormity of the damage that you have just inflicted on the vast majority of the American people? Mean, immoral, self-serving, reckless, corrupt, disgusting, are just a few of the words that come to mind.

But the one that really applies is stupid. Not one Republican (as far as I know) has even bothered to deny that this is a handout to campaign donors. You are all so shit-scared of losing your seats in the next election that you have gone along with the travesty so that you can still count on contributions for your re-election campaign. Who do you think is going to vote for you?

Two out of three Americans do not approve of this bill. That is an understatement. It would be fair to say that two out of three Americans hate this bill. And we are angry enough to get out and vote. Gerrymandering, voter suppression and bribery will only get you so far. 33% support is not enough to get you re-elected, no matter how much money your (now very grateful) donors pour into your campaigns.

The 12 representatives who voted against this monstrous bill may get re-elected, but the rest of you have collectively shot yourselves in the foot. You have shown yourselves to be lacking in empathy for anyone who is not a Republican, venal, and just plain nasty. You have shown yourselves, in fact, to be the epitome of all that is wrong with America. You have shown yourselves to be the reason why I was, for more than 30 years, so reluctant to become a citizen.

Shame on each and everyone of you!

Elizabeth Whitehouse

Corning, NY


The Leader chose not to print it.

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