Food waste - not what you think

I will be speaking on this topic at the PHE Symposium "Dare to Care" on April 25th 2020.

While waste in the household setting is upsetting, what the food industry does is appalling. In our everyday lives we are wasteful, absolutely. We can, of course, reduce waste in our own lives by not buying more than we need, but the real problem is a food industry that thinks it is OK to dump an. entire run of canned goods because there was not enough salt in a test . Or to dump an entire bath of yoghurt because the label was wrong. Or to abandon truckloads of tomatoes because the price was not right. These things happen and a whole industry has sprung up to cope with this problem.

As with so many problems, the best solution is to avoid the problem in the first place. Allow grocery stores to give away perfectly edible food even if it has passed the arbitrary sell-by date.

Stand up, be heard. Sell-by dates are entirely arbitrary. Food is good long after that date.

Come to the symposium or contact me to talk more:

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