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For immediate release - September 22nd, 2017



It’s official.  Independent candidate for Mayor of Corning, Elizabeth Whitehouse, has been “walking” for mayor for some time now.  On September 27th, she begins “running” with a 12:30 press conference at her campaign headquarters, 51 Bridge Street.


For the past two years, Whitehouse has not left the house without a button which reads BE NICE It’s a Better Way.  The button was originally meant to promote her book of essays about system change not climate change.  Over time it took on a life of its own, and has become her campaign slogan.  “Be nice” includes more than just one’s fellow human beings.  It is essential that we also look at our behavior towards the entire natural world - animal, vegetable and mineral.  For Whitehouse, it’s only a “better way” if it works for all.

A trained book restorer, Whitehouse deplores the throw-away society, and advocates strongly for the three Rs: reduce, re-use and recycle, as well as repair.  She likes to say “It’s only waste if you throw it away; otherwise it is a valuable resource.”  Better waste management could be a substantial source of income for the city, at the same time opening many new possibilities for micro-businesses and self-employment.


To quote the late Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy): “If you want something other than the obvious to happen; you've got to do something other than the obvious. ”Current and former administrators of the city know a lot more than I do about what has been; I know about what can be,” Whitehouse has said.



Second candidate joins race for Mayor of Corning.


Following closely on the announcement by Mr. Free Spirit that he will be running for Mayor of Corning in 2017, a second candidate, Elizabeth Whitehouse, has joined the race.


“It is very early to be beginning a campaign for Mayor, but Free Spirit has effectively issued a challenge, and I would like it known that, even as an independent, he will not be unopposed.”  Whitehouse said.


“I have been thinking about this for a while,” she continued, and I am working on my platform.  My personal agenda is to make Corning much more environmentally friendly, but I envision my role as Mayor as a listener, and a conduit for the voice of the residents.  I would be available 24/7 (banking heavily on the fact that other people also need to sleep) to hear concerns and suggestions for improving life in Corning.  I would encourage active participation through more citizen committees.”


Whitehouse is the author of a recent book entitled “A Better Way”, which is backed up by a website and a small ‘gallery of ideas’ on Bridge Street.  Her philosophy is that there is always a better way, but that complacency and inertia often get in the way of finding the solution.


A resident of Corning for more than three decades, Whitehouse became a US citizen in January, and is registered to vote as non-partisan.


Contact: Elizabeth Whitehouse


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