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I am happy talk about any interesting subject that I come across.  But I should probably confine myself to those topics in which I have some expertise.


These include:

Books - history, manufacture, binding, restoring, reviews and writing


Gardens -  suitable plants, container gardening, compost, rain gardens, plant identification.

Environment - causes and effects of climate change, solutions to environmental problems, restoring water cycles, restoring biodiversity, solar, permaculture.

Fiber arts - paper, knitting and other yarn arts.  Embroidery.

Languages - how to learn a foreign language, alphabets.

Travel - how to pack, how to plan a trip.  A photo guide to: South Africa, Iran, Cuba, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Guadeloupe, northwest China, India, Istanbul, the Holy Land and others.

Glass - more or less anything you want to know.

Games - nothing digital.  Cards (bridge, Canasta, Hearts) Man Jong, board games -make and play.

Talks that I have given in the past, and can give again:

The Climate Reality Project introduction to Climate Change

Can we build a sustainable future?

Restoring small water cycles

The waste we make

Going Solar

Regenerative agriculture and carbon sinks

Compost versus Chemicals

Organismic gardening

How and why to Compost

Compost as a state of mind

"R" we there yet?  (Reduce, re-use and several other r's)

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