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This RENEWABLE ENERGY PLAN for the City of Corning is a work in progress (begun October 18th, 2017, intended to be completed by the end of the year. Hah! Hasn't happened yet)

This is, fortunately, not the first time that a city has wanted to develop such a plan.  It is also not the first time that I have developed such a plan.

In 2013 I tried to interest drum up interest in a Resource Recovery Consortium.  I sent 32 letters to city leaders in a variety of fields.  I got one reply which said, Great idea, go for it (but we are not interested).  Details here

As I work on the renewable energy plan offline, I will list here the sources I am using, beginning with:

The Climate Mobilization

The Climate Reality Project

On a slightly different tack, here is a resource for when you are inspired to make eco-friendly changes to your house:

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