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Ending the Disqus-sion

Dear Disqus friends and acquaintances,

Today I am cancelling my subscription to sites like Conservative Free Press; Restore American Glory; IJR; Town Hall Daily and a few others where I have been commenting for the past couple of years. This is not because – as some friends suggest – it has been a colossal waste of time.

On the contrary, I have learned a lot about the country while researching answers to questionable statements about what it is really like in the US in 2016/17.

I have learned, I feel, how to disagree without being disagreeable; to challenge unsupported statements; to remain civil no matter what; to tone down the sarcasm, and to follow up on the occasions when sources were cited. And to apologize if I was wrong.

I have been told that I should go back to where I came from and stop criticizing the US; that I am arrogant, condescending and going to hell; that I am an idiot, a moron and a few things one does not mention in polite company.

Along the way I have made friends with some kindred spirits and I have managed to find common ground with the most unlikely adversaries. So, no, it has not been a waste of time.

But I am moving on because I need to concentrate on saving the world! I need to work on my campaign to be mayor of this delightful small city I live in, and I need to work on the three books that I have in the pipeline.

So “Disqussers”, have fun Disqussing, and try to BE NICE, because, It’s a Better Way.

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