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Corning or Cuba

Yesterday my very sweet older daughter timidly suggested that I might be depressed. My other daughter wondered if I had been drinking. Yes, and yes.

I have been barely sober since Trump was appointed. And I become more depressed with every day that passes. Two things happened yesterday that prompted me to announce that I was moving to Cuba.

So what could possibly be so awful that I would want to leave the US? How about a book entitled "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change" by Marc Morano? By his own admission, the book is written to help implement Trump's environmental policies. Like his hero, Morano sees no need to stick to the truth when information of his own invention is so much more "fun". If you have the stomach for this kind of gall, you can read an interview with the author here. Or you can just take my word for it that it is sickening example of self-serving climate change denial.

It is so depressing. Not just that Morano has no qualms about writing a book of lies, but that it was actually published. Of course Regnery Publishing has also given us books by Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and Michelle Malkin, so what can one expect.

But the other incident was worse. Everything that is wrong with the world - and the United states in particular - was packed into one phone call. At least once a week I get a very important (please do not hang up) call about my Google business listing. I usually just hang up. But yesterday, for reasons I can't explain, I decided to confront them in the hopes of getting off their call list.

Disturbingly they seem to know all about me, in particular that I once had a business called Whitehouse Books. I explained that this business ceased to exist about 15 years ago and so I really have no need for their services to push it higher in Google listings. But the man I was speaking to did a different kind of pushing. I shouldn't have been sucked in but I was and I got angrier and angrier. Eventually I screamed at him, "Why are you doing this?" His answer? "I'm getting turned on: you sound kind of sexy."

is that bad enough to reject the country that has been home for the past 34 years? Not by itself. But in what kind of country does something like this happen? What kind of culture makes it OK for this creep to jerk off while taunting a stranger. What kind of culture makes it OK for the likes of Marc Morano to mislead the gullible, or for Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin to say the most outrageously awful things and be lauded as insightful writers?

I may not get to Cuba (they may not have me!), but something has to change.

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