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So much to say

As a teenager, I kept a diary in which I wrote religiously every day. My diaries were one of the things my mother threw away when I was elsewhere. And she wondered why I didn't like her very much.

Somewhere between 50 and 60 years on, I think I will revive the habit. But this time I will be sharing, not keeping my thoughts under lock and key. There is not a day goes by without something to comment on. Sometimes the comments are negative (Ok, many days they are negative) but then there are days when something absolutely wonderful happens, something absolutely worth sharing.

Yesterday, it was meeting a fish. This fish lives in an aquarium in a liquor store. Both are great. Whenever I am in the area, I stop in to say hi (to the fish) and to stock up on wine. The aquarium is filled with anemones which wave their tentacles in greeting and form a glorious backdrop to the fish. Some of the fish are quite shy and one does not see them often so it is worth visiting often.

Yesterday, a Blue something something Mandarin fish was showing off that it can walk. It expands its ventral fin for stability and then uses its dorsal fins to propel itself across the bottom of the tank.

Absolutely riveting. And, by the way, it swims as well.

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