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I don't want another tote bag, even if it's free.

Today I wanted to read an article in the New Yorker, but I have exceeded my limit of free articles this month. As I really, really wanted to read this article (which may be the topic of tomorrow's blog), I decided to bite the bullet and subscribe. A dollar a week is not bad to read some really good articles and to have unlimited access to the Borowitz Report, although the headlines are enough to crack me up.

So, I subscribed. I read through all the advantages, the last one being that I would receive (in 6-8 weeks) a free tote bag. Including at least a dozen Wegmans and other grocery reusable bags, freebies from conferences and gifts, I must have 40 tote bags - no exaggeration. I do not need or want another one. There was no way to indicate that on the website, so I called Customer Service, confirmed my address, phone number, next of kin and blood type and explained that I did not want a tote bag thank you very much. "But it's complimentary" the girl said. Yes, I know. If I had had to pay for it, I would have had a choice!

I explained, several times - and it is possible that I got a little testy at the fourth iteration - that I did not want it, nor did I want to give it to someone else. Everyone I know also has a plethora of tote bags. Finally, she said, I can't remove it from the order.

So, having had it just long enough to open the article I wanted to read, I cancelled my subscription.

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