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Has the world gone mad?

I rather think so. At least the US has.

Strictly speaking it is the man in the White House who is mad, always has been, but we all knew that.

Let's look at this coronavirus stuff. Where else in the world would people stop eating at Chinese restaurants because, you know, it's a Chinese virus? Where else would people stop drinking a certain Mexican beer because it has the same name as the virus?

Where else would you close the borders to foreigners, but allow nationals to go home? If Americans have this secret immunity, why are we closing schools and museums and cancelling sporting events and audiences everywhere?

Why are we telling people to stay home - and depriving them of their livelihood? Why are we pushing hoarding? Toilet paper? Really? If you are stuck at home and you run out of toilet paper, just wash your goddamn butt.

i just have one question. When does the looting start?

That was written a year ago. Surprisingly, looting never started. But what a difference a year makes.


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