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Perpetual darkness

A few minutes ago Pearl bit me.

This reduced me to tears, not because of my pain (although it did hurt), but because of hers. Pearl is a 4-year-old Cairn terrier, who suddenly and inexplicably, went blind a year ago.

Just think about that. One morning the sun didn't come up, and it has been dark ever since.

Nobody can explain this to her. Nobody can help her avoid obstacles.

She is a brave little person, but she bumps into things, she falls over small obstacles and (once or thrice) down quite large drops -stairs, banks, and other sudden changes in height.

Today, she was trying to jump on to the bed. This is literally a leap into the unknown. I picked her up, as I have done before, but for some reason she was spooked and turned on me.

Mostly, she is a happy little soul who has long conversations with my sister (her owner). But sometimes she just cries. And it breaks my heart.


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