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There is currently a discussion on Nextdoor about whether Corning should put the word UNITY on the side of the Black Building. (Nextdoor/Southside Hill/Black Building). It prompted me to post something I wrote recently.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

If Abraham Lincoln’s words had any truth - and I believe they did - the US is about to topple.

If there has ever been a more divided nation, I do not know of it.

This is a country with an entrenched two-party system, where people are judged by who they voted for in the last election. They judged by the color of their skin, or where they were born. They are judged by which church they belong to (and ostracized if they do not belong to one). They are judged by how much money they have or which school they went to. There are some brilliant wonderful, creative people, and many more whose level of education (through little fault of their own) is not as good as that of most third world countries. There are those who value the contributions of science and academia, and there are those who don’t. There are some who think that carrying a gun is a God-given right, and some who deplore the fact that the US is #1 in worldwide gun-related deaths. There are those who think that abortion is murder, and those who think that, maybe, quality of life matters more than life for life’s sake. There are those who recognize that the world is warming and the climate is changing due to human activity, and there are those who claim is it due to sunspots. There are those who think that all lives matter (down to the lowliest slug) and there are those that think humans are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to the planet.

How will the world survive without the US at the forefront? IMHO, very well.


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