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Democratic Congressional Primary - June 26th

That is not a particularly "engaging title", but that is what I want to talk about.

For the past 8 years the Southern Tier of New York has been represented by Congressman Tom Reed. I use the word ‘represented’ lightly as I have received nothing but an automated response to my many communications with his office. Those who are also unlikely to vote for him receive the same treatment. There are five excellent candidates contending for the Democratic nomination to run against him in November. While I feel that any one of them would be a better representative for the district, the past three elections have shown that being “not Reed” is not enough to attract the numbers of votes needed to oust a well-funded incumbent. I have had extended conversations with three of the candidates and I have heard them all speak twice. These are good people with great resumes, and very varied life experiences. They hold similar positions on most issues. But I am looking for a candidate who holds the world view that I think is essential if Congress is to even begin to tackle the immensely complicated and interlaced problems we face. Call it sustainability, the climate, the environment, whatever you like. The human race is facing an existential crisis - we simply cannot continue exponential economic growth with finite resources. We cannot continue to pollute the atmosphere, the land and the water with toxic chemicals. We cannot continue to warm the planet by burning fossil fuels.

I think that I have found such a candidate, but I urge you to visit their websites, view one or two of the debates ( OR and make up your own minds.

Then vote on June 26th.

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